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Easton Small Batch 51 Model C32 12.00" Infield Glove - Red Black

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Easton Small Batch 51 Model C32 H Web 12.00" Baseball Glove

The Easton Small Batch Baseball Glove Collection is one of the most looked for series of Baseball Gloves. Handcrafted during his days at Easton, The Glove Cowboy revolutionized Baseball Gloves and changed the game. This Limited Edition 12.00” Baseball Glove is perfect for infielders, especially someone who is playing Third Base & ShortStop. With a thick single post web this pocket helps defenders swallow up even the hardest of ground balls hit at them. This hand crafted glove came straight from the pro department so you know you are getting the highest quality glove made.

- Easton Small Batch Baseball Glove - Created by the Glove Cowboy - Limited Edition Model – C32 Model - 12.00” Infield Baseball Glove – Third Base Glove - H Web – most commonly used at Third Base & Sometimes outfield for younger players - Hand Crafted Pro Department Glove

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