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Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip Stealth Quad Color - Black Gray

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Lizard Skins Stealth Quad Color 1.1mm Bat Grip

Occasionally, Lizard Skins, who has completely taken over the bat grip market, puts out a “Specialty Grip” that is almost like a glove of the month or limited-edition bat. Over the last year we’ve seen additions like Chaos Camo and Freedom, and now, we have the most unique designs they’ve ever given us in the brand-new Lizard Skins Quad Bat Grip. Using the same innovative technology, they’re known for, and with a total of five grips to choose from, these new Quad Grips consistent of three-color combos that are separated into four different sections. And they look fantastic. Do you want the most unique bat grip on the field? Going with one of the brand-new Lizard Skins Quad Bat Grip would give you that title.

Lizard Skins Bat Grip
Slip Resistant – Wet or Dry
Reduced Vibration
Stealth Quad: black, grey and white,
Thickness: 1.1mm

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