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Louisville Slugger 2019 C271 Prime Maple Bat - High Roller

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Louisville Slugger 2019 C271 MLB Prime America Maple Wood Baseball Bat - High Roller

Go big or go home with High Roller. The C271 is Louisville Slugger’s most popular turning model at the Major League level and is the base model used to create all standard barrel turning models. This version combines a deep flame handle with a distressed black barrel with gold Seamless Decals throughout for a timeless appearance. A standard handle, standard barrel and max knob taper, along with a balanced swing weight, allow this model to deliver for both contact and power hitters alike. All MLB PRIME bats are made exclusively with MLB-grade wood from the top 3% of the harvest and feature three coats of EXOARMOR, a state-of-the-art finish that gives a hardness to the bat you can feel and hear with every swing.

From billet to bat, the timber Louisville Slugger carefully selects for Prime bats is the utmost in quality. We grade for excellence every step along the way, choosing only billets with the best features required to craft a log into a flawless bat. Players who swing Prime know their bat has been cared for from the beginning, ultimately giving Big Leaguers and amateurs alike the confidence they desire when they step to the plate.

Proprietary to Louisville Slugger, Prime bats now feature EXO ARMOR, a revolutionary finish that doubles surface hardness. Engineered for maximum hardness, you will immediately notice a superior feel and unmatched sound upon contact. EXO ARMOR is the next-to-last phase in the process of building your custom bat, enhancing the previous steps to guarantee a bat twice as hard as before.

The Ink Dot is the stamp of the highest quality wood bat. Bats that feature the Ink Dot and satisfy the strict slope of grain requirements by Major League Baseball indicate your Prime bat is big league quality and approved. Louisville Slugger Prime Maple and Birch bats carry this seal of approval. Due to its clearly defined grain structure, Ash bats are not subject to the Ink Dot test to be eligible for use by MLB.

Bat Specifications
Wood: MLB Maple
Turning Model: C271
Swing Weight Scale: 1 (Most Balanced) Coating: 3 coats of ExoArmor (2x hardness)
MLB Ink Dot: YES
Bone Rubbed: YES
Cupped: YES
Finish: Fade - Deep Flame to Distressed Black
Seaamless Decals: Gold

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