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Louisville Slugger 2020 RXT X20 (-10) Fastpitch Bat - Gray Orange

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Louisville Slugger 2020 RXT X20 (-10) Fastpitch Bat

The RXT X20 Fastpitch bat from Louisville Slugger takes its place in the No. 1 lineup in softball as a bat that can work for players at all pitch speeds with a never-before-seen level of responsiveness. The COPA Performance End Cap works with the HVR-1 Barrel Technology to maximize the RXT's sweet spot, while the Springload Connection System blends stiffness and feel together. The result? The A forgiving feel on inside and outside mishits, and max performance on balls hit on the sweet spot. The ultimate in responsiveness puts the R in RXT.

BARREL: Full Composite with patented HVR-1 Technology for an extremely responsive barrel that delivers maximum pop that you can feel.
CONSTRUCTION: Two-piece design featuring a SPRINGLOAD Connection System – for a more responsive bat that improves feel on contact and drives the ball through the zone.
SWING WEIGHT: Balanced swing weight for extreme control and maximum swing speed
END CAP: COPA performance End Cap works with the barrel to maximize the sweet spot.
GRIP: Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip with increased tack for better feel and more control.

Bat Specifications
Barrel Diameter: 2 1/4 Inches
Series: RXT
Certification: ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA, USSSA
Barrel Material: Composite
Model Year: 2020
Weight Drop: -10

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