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Louisville Slugger C243 Prime Maple Knox Bat - Gold

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Louisville Slugger C243 Prime Maple Knox Bat

If you’re looking to make noise, bats don’t get much louder than this. This variation of the C243, the original large barrel bat, features a gold finish coupled with red, white and blue Seamless Decals. As aluminum bats became a part of the game, the demand for large-barreled, thin-handled bats led to the popularity of the C243. A prime weapon of choice for power hitters, it features a slightly end-loaded barrel, distributing more mass in the sweet spot of the barrel. All MLB PRIME bats are made exclusively with MLB-grade wood from the top 3% of the harvest and feature three coats of EXOARMOR, a state-of-the-art finish that gives a hardness to the bat you can feel and hear with every swing.

Bat Specifications
Wood: MLB Maple
Turning Model: C243
Swing Weight: Slight End Load (4)
Three coats of EXOARMOR top coat - doubles hardness
MLB Ink Dot
Finish: Gold
Seamless Decals: Red, White, Blue
Weight Drop: Slight End Load

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