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Markwort Prohitter Batters Training Aid Adult - Red

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PROHITTER Batting Aid 77715RD

A Batting Tool Used By The Best Hitters In The Game

The PROHITTER batting aid is used in professional baseball games by 50% plus of the position players in baseball today. Worn on the thumb of the top hand holding the bat, this batting aid facilitates the pro-grip technique on the bat, increasing bat speed, power, and control of each swing. Reduce or eliminate batting sting and gGreatly improve your grip technique with the PROHITTER batting aid. PROHITTER also reduces or eliminates batting sting.

PROHITTER Batting Aids feature:
Creates the grip technique the pros teach and use in their games
Will increase bat speed, power, and control of your swing
Also will reduce batting sting, preventing hand-related injury
Fits both right- and left-handed baseball and softball players
Manufactured of a custom durable rubber-like resin
Made in the USA

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