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Mizuno TC-02 Men's Training Shoe - Blue

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Gain an edge in your pursuit of improved athletic performance with the Mizuno TC-02 training shoe. At the forefront of innovation and design behind the TC-02 is Mizuno COB technology, which utilizes patent-pending sensor pod clusters to enhance feedback from the foot, enabling greater opportunity for improvement in balance and, ultimately, athletic performance. Design details like mesh construction with Hotmelt upper provide athletes with superior stability and a comfortable, soft fit to make the TC-02 the perfect Men's stability training shoe.

Mizuno C.O.B. Technology: Mizuno COB midsole has a textured upper surface that is linked with the outsole and directly transmits information from the ground to the bottom of the feet. By increasing sensitivity under foot, Mizuno COBtechnology enables improvement of an athlete’s balance and ultimately their performance.
Booty Construction: Located inside the shoe to provide a soft and secure fit.
Soft PU Midsole: Allows for natural flexibility that works with your body's movements.
Low Drop (4mm): Provides optimum stability during static exercises.
Internal Support Straps: Strategically placed in the midfoot to keep the fit close to your foot during active movements.
2-Layered Upper Mesh Construction: Designed to provide added durability and an ideal fit.
Hotmelt Upper Design: Creates a lock-in hold for increased stability and a secure fit.

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