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Mizuno Women's Finch Softball Batting Gloves - Gray White

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Mizuno Women's Finch Softball Batting Gloves

Created with direct input from softball legend Jennie Finch, the Finch Youth Softball Batting Glove is designed with the softball player's specific needs in focus. Features a padded nonslip Mizuno ShockPalm to absorb vibration for less sting and better comfort. Made with an FlexMesh back designed to increase flexibility and breathability.

Nonslip Palm: Enhanced grip for a more stable swing and decreased hand slippage during swing.
Padded Mizuno ShockPalm: Absorbs vibration for better feel & comfort.
FlexMesh: Flexibility and breathability are achieved with the addition of FlexMesh.
Gender Engineered: Mizuno's engineering philosophy to maximize performance by tailoring products to meet the needs of the female athlete
QuikAdjust Strap: Designed to give you a quick and secure fit.

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