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New Balance Ace Short Sleeve Baseball Jacket - Light Gray

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You take warmups seriously because you know they make your game that much better. Post-game cool down is just as important to your long-term success. With a soft 3D stretch woven fabric, the Short Sleeve Ace Jacket provides much needed warmth and mobility for all stages of the game.

With fabric designed to trap body heat and provide lightweight warmth for those all-important pre-game rituals. Because how you perform before the game is as important as how well you play.
Material: 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane
Grey color blocking under arms
Half zip front
Screen-printed NB logo on front right side between shoulder and neckline

XS 33-35 27-29 32-34
S 35-38 29-31 34-37
M 38-41 31-34 37-40
L 41-44 34-37 40-43
XL 44-48 37-41 43-46
XXL 48-53 41-46 46-50
XXXL 53-57 46-50 50-54

Snug against body for range of motion with no extra fabric.
Skims the hip and thigh for active movement. Rises are close to the body, but not tight.
Drapes loosely from the chest, waist and hip for total comfort and ease.

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