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Rawlings 2011 Exogrid 5150 (-8.5) Senior League Bat - SL51XO

Rawlings 2021 Exogrid 5150 (-8.5) Senior League Bat - SL51XO

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Optimal performance combined with the hottest design on the market can only mean one thing. The release of the Rawlings 5150 Exogrid -8.5 Senior League Baseball Bat is here and ready to take the baseball world by storm. A home run never looked as good as it does coming off the barrel of the Rawlings Exogrid.

This one of a kind bat offers everything a baseball player could want. The Exogrid utilizes Rawlings 5150 alloy frame with precision cut-outs in the handle. Tapered slots are cut from the alloy handle and replaced with lighter and stronger 12K carbon inserts. This combined with Rawlings exclusive Passive Hybrid Damping (Ph.D) Technology results in one of the stiffest, but most comfortable feeling bats on the market. The proprietary bi/fusion process connects the stiff carbon sleeve and the Ph.D vibration damping layers to the 5150 alloy frame. Ph.D helps to increase the size of the sweetspot and reduce the amount of sting. Some players perform better with a stiff handle bat. Until now those players had to compromise a sweet feeling bat for peak performance because a bat tends to vibrate more as they get stiffer. By incorporating Ph.D Technology into stiff handle bat designs, the need for compromise is over. It will revolutionize the feel of stiff handle bats because it filters out harsh vibrations more effectively than any previous technologies. The patent pending Speed Cap offers reinforced stability. The catchy design will grab everyone's attention and have them wondering why they don't have one yet. Superior design and construction puts the Rawlings 5150 Exogrid at the top of everyone's list.

Features of the Rawlings 5150 Exogrid: SL51XO Senior League
-8.5 Length to Weight Ratio
1-Piece Alloy Frame
12K Carbon Inserts in the Handle for added stiffness
2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
Approved by All Youth Leagues that Allow 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameters
Full (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
Ph.D Technology to Dampen Vibrations
Sci-Fly Designed and Certified
Ultra Responsive 5150 Alloy Barrel

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