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Rawlings 2021 Threat 2 5/8" Barrel (-12) USA Bat - Blue Black - HIT A Double

Rawlings 2022 Threat 2 5/8" Barrel (-12) USA Bat - Blue Black

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Rawlings 2022 Threat (-12) USSSA Bat

The 2022 Threat USSSA bat, is made of 100% composite material, which makes it ultra-lightweight for faster swing speeds and enhanced trampoline for increased pop. The 2 3/4" big barrel design, creates a massive sweet spot, making contact easier than ever. This -12 drop weight bat is designed for players ages 12 and under looking to catch up to faster pitch speeds and improve contact percentage from the very first swing. This bat is fully approved for use in all USSSA Baseball sanctioned baseball leagues.

IDEAL FOR AGES 10 AND UNDER, the Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat delivers power and balance and is ideal for entry level players trying to learn the game
QUICK BAT SPEED due to the ultra-light drop weight
MAXIMIZED SWEET SPOT AND SMOOTH SWING thanks to the X-Tended Sweetspot and 2 1 by 4 inch barrel

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