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Rip-It Softball Vision Pro Helmet Away - Black Purple

Rip-It Softball Vision Pro Helmet Away - Black Purple

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Overlapping sizes
Youth - Small/Medium ( 6" - 6 7/8" ) - Weight: 26.4 oz
Adult - Medium/Large ( 6 1/2" - 7 3/8" ) - Weight: 26.4 oz
Adult - Medium/Large ( 7 1/4" + ) - Weight: 26.4 oz

Replace too big and too small with fits perfectly.
We understand how frustrating it can be to be in between sizes when you buy things, this is why we eliminated this problem by designing the Fit helmet to have overlapping sizes. This means if the small is a bit tight, the medium will fit perfectly. Those days of having a helmet be too small and the next size up being too large-- are gone. Instead, there is a perfect fit for every player with the Fit baseball helmet.

Maximum vision at the plate.
When players put the Fit with Vision Pro on for the first time, they are amazed by how much better they are able to see through the helmet. We achieved this by eliminating side bars and by creating the widest opening possible. As a result, the Fit with Vision Pro allows players to easily see any pitch thrown their way. Not only is this helmet best known for vision capabilities at the plate, but it also allows for peripheral vision-- making players more aware of what's going on around them while on base.

Lightweight Design
. The Fit with Vision Pro face mask was designed with only what was needed, making it a fraction of the weight of other softball helmets with face masks.

Air Vents.
Twenty-one strategically placed air vents help make the Fit with Vision Pro the most advanced softball batting helmet ever made. Each air vent works together to not only lift hot air out of the helmet, but refresh the air inside so that players stay more cool and comfortable at the plate.

High density impact padding.
The high density padding included in the Fit with Vision Pro softball helmet creates an exceptional performance barrier between the shell of the helmet and the low density comfort padding. In the event a player is hit by a pitch, this barrier helps spread the force of the impact over a wide area of the helmet-- making the hit feel less harsh and allowing the player to be less impacted.

Low density comfort padding.
The incredible fit of the Fit with Vision Pro softball helmet is accomplished through the use of our low density memory foam technology. This technology automatically adjusts to each player's individual head, shape and size. The result- A snug, yet comfortable fit, even while running.

Ponytail port.
The Fit with Vision Pro helmets were designed to be the best girls softball helmets ever made. To accomplish this, the Fit with Vision Pro has thoughtfully placed rear padding that makes wearing a ponytail and a helmet amazingly comfortable. With a wide channel and a generous opening for the base of the ponytail, the Fit with Vision Pro is the most ponytail friendly softball helmet yet.

Pigtails work too.
The Fit with Vision Pro also fits comfortably when a player has her hair in pigtails. Our design team achieved this by coming up with an ingenious pad placement design. By adjusting the size, orientation, and placement of the rear side pads, the Fit with Vision Pro accomplishes what no other softball helmet has been able to do before.

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