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True 2020 T-Ball Bat (-12) - Pink Camo

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True 2020 (-12) T-Ball Bat

This is the Tee Ball from TRUE Diamond Science. Engineered specifically for the beginner diamond sport athletes 6-years and younger, The TRUE Tee Ball bat is a truly unique developmental bat optimally designed for hitting from a tee. The formative baseball years are critical to developing a strong and fundamentally sound swing which is why the TB-12 features a proprietary design from handle to barrel that helps young batters develop a feel for proper weight and balance. Featuring a sports grip with extra cushion to dampen vibration, tee ball players can make powerful contact again and again without discomfort. The contoured shape allows for ideal bat speed and a proprietary aluminum barrel material provides pop and durability. The TRUE Tee Ball bat is the perfect bat for tee ball training and is not intended for live hitting or pitch ball.

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