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True 2020 T2X USSSA (-10) Bat 2 3/4" - Gray White Black

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True 2020 T2X (-10) USSSA Bat 2 3/4"

This is the optimized power performance T2X from TRUE Diamond Science. This masterfully designed two-piece hybrid bat was created specifically for the USSSA Baseball middle of the lineup batter. Boasting revolutionary SmartPly Technology, every inch of the T2X was designed for impressive deep performance. Each handle is comprised of up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber, meticulously optimized and manufactured for revolutionary weight balance and bat-to-ball impact strength. The two and three quarters aluminum barrel, with its extended barrel length and optimized end weighting is seamlessly fused to a compact composite handle. TRUE Diamond Science’s T2X provides increased moment of inertia and optimized barrel dynamics for the power hitter. The Fused Hybrid Technology optimizations are instantly recognizable in the aerodynamics of every swing so T2X batters can dominate the diamond.

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