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Wilson A2000 B212 SuperSkin 12.00" Pitcher's Glove - Black Coffee

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Wilson A2000 Super Skin 1617 12.50" Firstbase Baseball Mitt

Strong, Durable And Light

The Wilson A2000 B212 SuperSkin 12 Inch Baseball Glove is a versatile mix of Pro Stock select leather and man-made SuperSkin that makes this baseball glove lightweight and strong at the same time. It has durable leather where you need it on the front of the glove for great feel and ball control with strategically placed SuperSkin on the back. Ideal for pitchers with its two-piece solid web that helps conceal the hand and ball from batters.

Wilson A2000 B212 SuperSkin 12 Inch Baseball Glove features:
Pro Stock® select leather, preferred by pro players for its durability and unmatched feel
Man-made SuperSkin on glove back makes the glove lighter and stronger
Dual welting provides a quicker break-in and durable pocket
Two-piece solid web design
Best suited for pitchers
Open back
1-Year Guarantee

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